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Painted 28mm Bolt Action British 1,000 point army

300 USD / In stock.
Painted 28mm Warlord Bolt Action British 1,000 point army. These figures and vehicles have been completely detail painted, then washed and sealed for protection and decals added and the figures finally mounted on bases with static grass and grass tufts.

Here is exactly what you get, all completely painted and ready to game.

1 - Cromwell tank
1 - 6 pdr. Anti-tank gun with crew on base
1 - 3" medium mortar team on base
1 - light mortar team on base
1 - 1 Vickers machinie gun team on base
1 - PIAT team on base
1 - Artillery FOO team on base
4 - 10 man infantry squads consisting of NCO, SMG, Bren LMG and 7 riflemen
1 - 2nd Lieutenant and extra rifleman